natural flavonoid

Taxifolin-Rich Extract, also known as Dihydroquercetin, belongs to the subclass of flavanonols in the flavonoids, which in turn is a class of polyphenols.

Product name:
Taxifolin-Rich Extract Taxifol ONE™
Product description:
Extract of Larch (Larix) RAW MATERIAL
Botanic source:
Taxifolin/Dihydroquercetin Extract
Molecular Formula of the basic substance:
CAS number:
Composition of Taxifol ONE™
Taxifolin ≥95%
Arabinogalactan ≤5%
Storage form:
White to cream color
Mass fraction of Taxifolin before mixing with Arabinogalactan:
Mass fraction of Arabinogalactan before mixing with Taxifolin:
Product shelf life:
5 years
Storage conditions:
Extracts are stored in packaged form, in covered warehouses, in places protected from light. The recommended storage temperature is not higher than +30°C, relative air humidity is not more than 70%.
Powerful natural antioxidant against free radicals
Prevents the aging of the body
Increases immunity
Maintains health throughout your life
Protects against known and unknown viruses
Nootropic effect
Protects the cardiovascular system
Human exposure:
Increases the protective functions of the skin
Renews the skin and slows down skin aging
Normalizes general metabolic processes due to local application in the lymphatic and circulatory systems
Prevents oxidative stress
Does not change the organoleptic properties of food products
Enhances the taste of foods
Increases the shelf life by 1.5 - 4 times
Increases productivity
Improves the quality of plants
Strengthens the roots of vegetables and herbs
Improves nitrogen and CO2 absorption
When used in feed:
Reduces the fat content of meat and increases its moisture content
Provides a high degree of protein hydration
Increases the health, growth, and productivity of animals
Animal husbandry:
Regulation in the world