Since 2022

Green Tall (GRNTLL - Health Commodities, LDA) is a Portugal - based company that supplies raw materials for the production of active food supplements. Our portfolio includes two high quality Siberian (Daurian) larch products, produced using innovative and sustainable extraction and purification methods:

- Taxifol One (Taxifolin, Dihydroquercetin) with purification purity 90%, 92%, 96%, 98%
- A-Larix (Arabinogalactan) with purity of 95-98%

The excellent quality of our raw materials, mined in the ecologically clean region of the Sayan Mountains, allows us to obtain the ideal Taxifol One and A-Larix of the highest quality.

We supply Taxifol One and A-Larix powder certified in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to the international markets of the EU, USA, UK, and other countries.
Or in powder as a raw material for its further use in production and certification.