Since 2022

Since 2022, Green Tall (GRNTLL - Health Commodities, LDA) has been a Portugal-based company that specializes in supplying raw materials for the production of active food supplements. Our portfolio includes two high-quality larch extracts, produced using innovative and sustainable extraction and purification methods.

  • Taxifol One™ - 95% Taxifolin (Dihydroquercetin) + 5% Arabinogalactan
  • A-Larix™ - 97% Arabinogalactan + 3% Taxifolin (Dihydroquercetin)

The excellent quality of our raw materials, sourced from ecologically clean regions, enables us to offer Taxifol One™ and A-Larix™ of the highest caliber. We supply Taxifol One™ and A-Larix™ powder, certified according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), to international markets including the EU, USA, UK, and other countries. These products are available in powder form as raw materials for further production and certification purposes.